Our Approach

Dalton Street Capital is a global systematic investment and research company utilizing mathematical and scientific methods to invest client and founder capital in managed futures strategies.

We have an experienced and disciplined research team that boasts strong academic credentials and advanced degrees in mathematical disciplines such as engineering, physics and computer science.

We seek to deliver a return for our investors over the medium to long term through investment strategies that do not solely rely on the growth of traditional asset classes such as stocks, property, fixed interest or cash to generate that return.

Dalton Street brings together experienced, talented and driven investment professionals within a partnership model that ensures direct alignment with investors’ interests.

Our Heritage

The investment management business was founded in 2015 by Alan Sheen launching its first fund, the Dalton Street Capital Absolute Return Fund, in July 2016. The founding investment strategy that forms the basis of the Absolute Return Fund is in its 24th consecutive year since commencing in 1996.

Dalton Street Capital founder, Alan Sheen, has been managing futures and equity portfolios since 1994 for Family Offices, Fund Management businesses and Investment Banks.  Alan has been responsible for managing funds with $9.0 billion in funds under management, businesses with $16.0 billion in funds under management and has overseen a team of 40 investment professionals.